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Content Marketing and Social Media Advertising

Did you know there are currently 14 million monthly active social media users in the UK? Social media provides a huge market for brand awareness and advertising. Compass Media Solutions use a unique approach to social media, capable of gaining an increase in followers and website traffic in no time.

Using marketing methods such as social media and content sharing are invaluable sources of traffic and actually demonstrate to search engines that your advertising methods are steady and consistent which is now a positive ranking factor, especially with Google. We use a range of marketing techniques including email marketing, press release and content marketing to website increase traffic.

With a bespoke strategy for every campaign, based on your target audience and target location, our marketing team have established an effective approach that delivers remarkable results. Our marketing team are specialists in content writing, brand awareness and social media so whether you desire more website traffic or an increase in phone call conversions, Compass Media Solutions can help.